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Plank Flooring

By offering luxurious but cost effective click vinyl plank flooring, Vinyl Plank 4 Less is able to bring several flooring options, designs, and styles to their customers based on their needs. LVP flooring is simply easy to manufacture, simple to repair, and an overall very durable option for any home or business.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Our Luxury Vinyl Planks are installed by only the most dedicated and certified installers, who are able to bring your ideas to life, at an affordable price.

When a customer purchases flooring, they are investing in themselves; let us protect your investment by allowing us to provide and install your luxury vinyl flooring selection. Once vinyl flooring is installed, it can’t be refinished or fixed, so it is important to make the right decision up front with our LVP flooring. Our flooring options are created with top grade materials and guaranteed to have the durability that sustains the vinyl flooring planks for 10 to 25 years.

All flooring is manufactured by the Yates family to their specifications. Billy and Sandra Yates, alongside their two sons, started this business together in 2019. These entrepreneurs wanted the chance to help others; after discussing and planning, they opened their family-owned business. They started as “Vinyl Plank 4 Less”, in 2019, and then moved their company to SWFL as “Coastal Floors & Decks”. Sustainability and durability is a guarantee for our customers.

product DESIGN

Customers get to choose their own pattern, design, and width of our luxury vinyl flooring with our customizable flooring options. We provide options that tailor to the needs of your everyday life, no matter what. We use 4 main layers on all of our vinyl planks, as well as having a top coat to help prevent any scratches or dents from everyday life activities.

Waterproof Vinyl Planks

There are many benefits to selecting waterproof vinyl planks because they are extremely durable, easy to maintain, and include a beautiful design in addition. By choosing Coast Floors & Decks for your flooring needs, you are guaranteed to have a better quality of life for your choice of flooring. Something unique about Coastal Floors & Decks, is the opportunity to offer waterproof coating on all of our vinyl flooring planks. 

Wide Vinyl Planking or Planks

This is a great option if you don’t want to use nails or glue for installation. The thickness in the width creates for the ultimate wear and tear resistance. The width of the planks also makes for superior cleanability since that makes for limited potential of wear and tear.

Pet-Friendly Vinyl Planks

This is a fantastic choice for families or businesses that have some furry friends around. Our pet-friendly vinyl options are guaranteed to resist scratches and dents, as well as they are highly durable and less likely to crack. Pet-friendly vinyl is known for its ability to be easily cleanable as well.

Wood Look Vinyl Flooring

This is a great option for those who prefer to have a creative and realistic visual standard for their floors. Unlike other basic hardwood vinyl floors, our Wood Look vinyl planks are better quality and they are less likely to wear. This option provides our customers with ample variety, and gives your home the look of wood floors but with the benefits of LVP flooring.

All LVP flooring options are made by our manufacturers to our specifications. We offer unique flooring solutions that can meet your budget and style. Come into one of our showrooms and see for yourself!

Affordable PRICING

Get luxury vinyl for the price you would pay for economy prices. We offer affordable financing options, so you can make that important decision for your home, without being overwhelmed. Vinyl Plank 4 Less take pride in our nation’s heroes, so they give back to them too, by offering their Military Discount Pricing.

Our prices beat any store, hands down, for luxury vinyl planks.


In the Fort Myers area? You can come into our showroom to experience what everyone has been talking about. Between Metro and Plantation, you can stop by and see our showroom and warehouse. Get all of your questions answered by our sales specialists, whether that’s pricing, color options, styling, or more.

We offer a showroom of our 20+ models to choose from. We have a dedicated team that can help you decide which vinyl flooring model might suit your home or business best.

Small road, BIG showroom; Stop by Today!


Vinyl Plank 4 Less has so much for the customers to experience, from being able to stop into their warehouse, to being able to get hands-on experience in their showroom, all the way to excellent customer service from their staff. They take pride in knowing that they are faster than expected and the quality is much better than expected.

Customers love how Coastal Floors & Decks only hires installers who always arrive on time, as well as never fail to communicate to their customers throughout the entire installation process. By offering a variety of pricing options for their vinyl flooring, customers are able to customize their flooring to their personal styles and taste.

“Vinyl Plank 4 Less have always exceeded their customer’s expectations! Their showroom and warehouses always give off a welcoming atmosphere, no matter what location is visited; interested people walk in and satisfied new customers walk out”.
– Satisfied Customer, Fort Myers, FL

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Vinyl Plank 4 Less not only offers one of a kind, Luxury Vinyl Planking, ask about our unique Composite Decking products, our Luxury Carpet Tile Squares or premium Ceramic and Porcelain Tile.

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