Luxury Carpet Tile | Light Beige 35 OZ, 40 SF


35 OZ, 40 SF/BX

Machine washable, waterproof, and stain-proof so, worry less about the mess! No more heavy rolls. No difficult tools to use. No additional pad is needed.


Just peel your FriXion tab and stick! It is that easy! EZ Lay Carpet PLUS is the easiest DIY carpet installation. All of our carpets can be applied over a hard surface too!


EZ Lay Carpet PLUS is made from 100% recycled goods AND can be turned back into recycled goods! The most environmentally friendly carpet EVER!


You can pour liquid on your EZ Lay Carpet PLUS and it will not permeate through the pad! This carpet was made for Fido’s messes!


EZ Lay Carpet PLUS is made with solution-dyed fiber which means it is enhanced with stain resistance & color that won’t fade!


The first machine washable carpet! If you spill anything on your EZ Lay Carpet Plus, just peel it up, throw it in the wash, and lay it back down.

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